Architecture an allied sector of opportunities

Architecture, in the simplest of terms, is a confluence of arts, science, and logic. Diving into some detail, when the sensitivity, empathy, and aesthetic sensibilities of an artist meet with the technical & structural knowledge of engineering, and functional accuracies of a logician, architecture finds its footing in everyday life. As the demands for land and property grow, the need for human comfort, safety, and aesthetics all need to be catered to; and architects as space designers cater to all of the above. Therefore it is not merely building design, it is SPATIAL design, built environment design.

The field of architecture is an ever-growing one, with a constant need for innovation and lateral thinking. Any individuals who find themselves attracted towards buildings, construction, history & heritage of buildings, and public spaces, government infrastructure et al may consider architecture as a viable career option.

The opportunities in the field do not limit themselves to just building design, there are various other vistas to be followed once you embark on your journey within architecture after the first degree i.e., B.Arch. – Bachelor of Architecture. Architectural Consultant, Interior Consultant, Freelance Practitioner, Researcher, Educator, Contractor, Visual Designer, and Landscape Architect are positions that one graduate of architecture might hold to name a few. The plethora of government jobs available for architects is also a notable career path to explore – one might end up as a project architect, work at local regulating bodies, be a part of PWD, Housing Board, Local Development Authorities, and possibly work as a Town Planner.

At the Apex School of Architecture, Apex Group of Institutions, we aim at a holistic teaching pedagogy in which the students from all courses, be it Bachelor in Architecture, or Diploma in Architecture learn to face the challenges of the field head-on. We prepare our students by harnessing their potential for design in an industry-friendly manner, while still maintaining empathy and sensitivity in design. This enables our future architects to design with social, ethical, and economic responsibility.

The allied fields such as Town Planning and Urban Design also borrow heavily from themes in architecture and can be considered for Postgraduate study.

The current trends in Architecture are centered around Green Buildings, Sustainability, and Digital Interactions in space.

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