The 3-day orientation program organized by Apex University Jaipur, took place from August 17th to August 19th, 2023.

The Prarambh 2023 Orientation Programme at Apex University mark the beginning of the new academic session for newcomers aimed at helping new students transition smoothly into university life.

The university eagerly anticipates welcoming the next generation of leaders and scholars into its diverse and dynamic community.

Here’s a breakdown of the key activities and information from each day of the orientation:

Day 1: 17th August 2023 – Welcome Day

  • Warm welcome by university staff, faculty members, and fellow students.
  • Inspirational speech by the President of Apex University.
  • Overview of the university’s mission, values, and academic programs.
  • Special guest speaker, Mr. Rajesh Fernando, A Magician cum motivational speaker, to motivate and interact with students.
  • Campus tours to familiarize newcomers with university facilities, including classrooms, libraries, laboratories, recreational areas, and student clubs.

Day 2: 18th August 2023 – Academic Exploration

  • Introduction to faculty members from various departments.
  • Insights into academic programs offered.
  • Information on the academic advising system, course registration process, and available resources.
  • Special guest and motivational speaker, Mr. Sonu Sharma attend orientation 2023, to motivate and interact with students.
  • Seniors and student mentors sharing their experiences and academic tips.
  • Special sessions for international students to address their unique needs and concerns.

Day 3: 19th August 2023 – Campus Life and Beyond

  • Introduction to student organizations, clubs, and societies.
  • Showcase of extracurricular opportunities available to students.
  • Presentation by the university’s counseling center, emphasizing mental health and well-being.
  • A fun-filled social event to encourage networking and building friendships.
  • Interactive sessions, group activities, and opportunities to ask questions throughout the program.
  • Encouragement for active participation to become part of the Apex University community.

Overall, the orientation program covers essential aspects of university life, from academic pursuits to campus facilities and extracurricular activities. It aims to provide a holistic introduction to Apex University and help new students feel prepared and welcomed as they begin their academic journey.



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