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Student Clubs

Apex University has several clubs for the social and educational interaction among students. The Club creates opportunities for social and educational development through participation in various activities. The main aim is to introduce students to new and innovative elements. Club enables students to develop interpersonal skills such as confidence, social interaction, responsibility sharing, planning, decision making, team-work and problem sharing.

Various Clubs are as follows :


To boost the confidence level of students up to the mark so that they can perform on stage. To create an eco-system for performing theatre.

This Club creates opportunities for social and educational development through participation in the theatre acts. Its main aim is to introduce students to new and innovative elements of performing arts as well as embracing more traditional performance practices. Club enables students to develop interpersonal skills such as confidence, social interaction, responsibility sharing, planning, decision making, team-work and problem sharing. The Theatre Club is made up of lively and enthusiastic budding students who share a love for performing. The students work on core skills such as voice projection, articulation, script analysis and theatre. The club helps in developing students’ abilities to respond to characters and themes in dramatics through verbal and non-verbal means.

This club brings the best out of everyone. Students in Theatre club acquire and develop various fundamental performance and production skills. The main objectives of this Club are as follows:

• Students will learn to deliver audience-appropriate theatrical presentations.
• Students will learn to use discipline specific technologies.
• Students will show growth in their performance and production skills.


This club will provide fashion show and provide platform for the same.

The Fashion Club is a place to express artistic freedom in the fashion world. This fashion Clubs will be a place to better yourself, network with others and share ideas with other students and faculty on campus. We will branch ourselves throughout the fashion community on and off campus. Members will gain up to date knowledge out of classes and in meetings. Doing this will help members grow, develop and express themselves in a mutual love for fashion.


To encourage the individual student's musical, artistic, and intellectual development and to promote the sparking light of music in the campus.

This club is conceived and developed with a motto of “Verbreiten Sie die Freude an der Musik” which means “to spread the joy of music. This cub has been brought up to a level after the involvement of true emotions, dedications, devotions and, of course, with innovations, which is still recognized by the people having image imprinted by the club. The university is also passionate to give exposures of expertise or experienced and skilled icon in the field of music to new buds for adding new dimensions in their talent.

The objectives of the club are:

• To create comfort zone of those who seeks to explore his talent in music either by singing or playing musical instrument in learning aptitude.
• To encourage the innovation by exchanging the individual talents in music.
• To create the fusion of different music.
• To sharpen the edge of individual talents by grooming, by providing suitable platforms at local/ intra-state competitions or at various universities, IITs/NITs healthy competitions.


This club aims to provide dance platform for the student by giving them various opportunities to participate and to perform within and outside the university.

Dance is art, it’s an expression of being”. With this motto, the dance club will strive to achieve great heights. Every year, many new members will become a part of our family, bringing with them new ideas and dance forms to enhance our skills. In this club, what we will learn the most is team work, coordination, leadership, management, and self growth. Each individual member will be given equal opportunity to shine. We will take part in group dance, solo and duet dances. We will try to connect with the audience while performing. We will take part in major events throughout the year in various colleges which are listed below.


To develop the photography and videography skills in students.

The mission of this Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography while attending APEX University.  The club will hold regular meetings and discussions and organize events such as; photo-walks, field trips, museum and gallery visits, and lectures and workshops by visiting artists. Members will also explore the possible opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other campus departments, organize peer to peer portfolio reviews and explore the possibilities of exhibitions on and off campus.


To develop communication skills, performing interactive sessions, various types of soft skills activities like extempore, debate etc.

Literature Club exist keeping in mind the literary personality students can develop. Literature Club will allow the students widen their thought horizon and fly in their own imaginative world. Various events and activity are organized throughout the year in this club.


This club aims at development of student’s personality by removing the hesitation, stage fear and working upon their soft skills, communication skills and overall development. The motto of Personality Development Club is to develop character with competence. The club emphasizes on invoking hidden soft skills which are very vital to stay and deal in the current scenario of cut-throat competition. Thus, the club conducts various workshops and training sessions by various experts from the professional world so as to develop communication skills, and to learn about technical presentations and industrial etiquettes.


This club is helping our students to develop their sports skills through different sports activities. The sports club of sports events in the campus life can't be underestimated. So, the Sports club has facility of all games and sports including cricket, volleyball, football, basketball etc. The students are trained under professional coaches for all the sports events held in the campus.


This club is a special club which enables the students to learn the skills for digital media and marketing. The student’s team will enhance their talent and proliferate their ideas to transform the imagination to the great implementing ideas. Handling all the social media channels and implement marketing and promotion tactic in social media marketing for different sectors with traffic acquisition skills. This will enable to monitor online presence of university’s brand and engage with users.


This club is intended to help our students to develop their technical skills through different activities like robot designing, drone designing, coding activities, e- sports activities.