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STUDENT COUNCIL - Make your voice heard!

The student council plays a vital role in the student community of any institution for it serves as a representative body where students can discuss and address important issues and take initiatives for the overall benefit of the university. It also serves as a source of inspiration, motivation, and personal development. At Apex University, the Student Council aims to uplift students and foster a strong sense of community within the institution. The council consists of 50 members selected from a pool of 2000 applicants through interviews and group discussions. Throughout the year, the Student Council tirelessly works to conceptualize ideas, organize events, and launch initiatives that go beyond the traditional classroom setting, promoting a holistic growth experience for all students. The Student Council embodies its motto of serving, leading, and inspiring the students, supporting them in every aspect of their lives, both professional and personal, and providing ample opportunities for them to showcase their hidden talents. In addition to being the driving force behind significant events and activities that contribute to the institution's spirit and community welfare, the Student Council serves as the ultimate voice of the student body in Apex University, effectively communicating their ideologies, concerns, and benefits to the administration and leadership. The Student Council operates under the supervision of the esteemed Student Development Office.

The primary goal of Apex University Student’s Council is to empower students, bridge communication, advocate positive changes, organize events for inclusivity, foster student engagement, create a supportive community. The Student Council of Apex University actively seeks feedback and suggestions from students through open forums, surveys, and regular meetings. They address student concerns, propose solutions, and collaborate with the school administration for positive changes. They represent and advocate for student interests, foster a supportive academic environment, empower students, and contribute to the overall growth and success of the school community.


Every year, the esteemed pillars of AU grace a special ceremony to officially inaugurate the newly elected batch of the Student Council. The "SUPER-50," as they are fondly called, receive praise and inspiration from all the dignitaries and mentors to carry forward the legacy of the Student Council in the upcoming academic year. The event culminates with an oath-taking ceremony and the symbolic pinning of the batch. The dedicated and talented team of students pledge to push their boundaries and fulfill their purpose-driven work in upholding the spirit of the student community at the university.